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Why can’t I see the paid contributions in my retirement pot?

What is Non Investment Period?

  • The first six weeks and three days following the date you’re enrolled is called the ‘Non-Investment Period’.
  • Any contributions received by Nest from your employer during this period are held until the end of the Non-Investment Period, then invested and applied to your retirement pot.

How do I view the contributions I receive during the Non-Investment Period?

  • After the Non-investment period, when you log in to your account you will see your account dashboard that will display a summary of contributions paid into your retirement pot. Please see How do I check contributions paid into my retirement pot? if you want to view breakdown of contributions received from your current and previous enrolments if any.

  • If you’re unable to view these contributions, please contact your employer as they may have chosen to make contributions to Nest several days after they deduct the money from your wages. 
  • This means there could be some delay before the contributions appear on your account.
  • When you’re automatically enrolled, you have the option to opt out. The opt-out period starts three working days after the date you were enrolled and lasts for one calendar month. 
  • During the opt-out period, we won’t invest any contributions in case you want to opt out and we need to refund the payment.

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