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How do I complete a contribution schedule manually online?

You can complete a contribution schedule by entering information manually online. This method is particularly suitable if you have a few members to make contributions for.

To enter the contribution information manually online, click either ‘Contributions’ or ‘Manage contributions’ from your NEST home page.

This will allow you to see all available unpaid contribution schedules. We’ll automatically generate contribution schedules for you based on your payment source and frequency settings. Your first contribution schedule is generated once you’ve enrolled at least one member.

If more than one unpaid contribution schedule is listed it’s best to start with the oldest one and work through but you can choose any one to start with. To go into a schedule click the corresponding arrow under Edit/Pay.

If you haven’t sent us the contribution information for this schedule, you’ll see three options to choose from.

If this is the first time you’re submitting a contribution schedule, you’ll see a page with the options to Enter or Upload.

Click the arrow next to ‘Enter new information’. You’ll see a list of all the members for whom you need to enter contribution information for this pay period, also known as an earnings period.

Above the list of members you’ll see the payment source, frequency of the schedule, the pay period, payment due date, schedule reference number and the status of the schedule.

To the lower right of the schedule information box, you’ll see an option to take an onscreen guide of the page. This will help you to complete the required information.

The section below this shows the Member details and Status of the member. Please see What does each member status in a contribution schedule mean? for more information. It also allows you to enter the Pensionable earnings, Employer contributions, Member contributions. The total amount due for the member will change once you save the contribution information that you’ve entered for the member.

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