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How do I connect users and employers on my Nest Connect account?

Video: How to manage users and employer accounts.

You can connect users and employers from your Nest Connect account if you’re registered as a ‘super user’. For more information about the types of users please see What are the different types of Nest connect users?

There are two ways to connect users and employers and depending on your task, you may want to pick one option over the other. See Option 1 if you’re assigning multiple employer accounts to one user. For example, if you have a new user that you need to assign accounts to. See Option 2 if you need to assign multiple users to one employer account. For example, if you have a new employer account and you need to assign users to access it.

Option 1. Assign multiple employers to one user:

To assign employers to a user, click ‘My account details’ on Welcome to your NEST homepage.

Click ‘Manage users’ on the My account details page.

Click ‘Assigned accounts’ next to the relevant user.

Click ‘Assign employer accounts to this user’.

You can select each employer individually, or you can select all employers on a page by clicking on ‘Select all’, then click ‘Assign accounts’.

Click ‘Yes, assign account’.

You’ll see a message confirming that the employer accounts are assigned to the user.

Option 2. Assign multiple users to one employer:

To assign a user to an employer, click ‘My account details’ on the Welcome to your NEST homepage.

Click ‘Manage employer accounts’ on the My account details page.

The Manage employer accounts page lists all the employers linked to your Nest Connect account. The ‘Access level’ column shows the type of access each user will receive when being assigned to the employer’s account.

Click ‘Manage users’ next to the employer you want to assign to a user.

You’ll then see a list of users already assigned to the employer. To add another, click ‘Assign a new user to this account’.

Click ‘Assign user’ against the user you want to add to the employer account.

Select ‘Yes, assign user’ to continue with your selection.

You’ll see an on-screen confirmation, then click ‘Done’ to finish. You’ll then be taken back to the list of assigned users for the employer account, including the user you’ve just added.

We’ll send a message to the user’s Nest secure mailbox to confirm that they now have access to that employer’s account. You’ll need to follow this process for each user you want to assign to an employer’s account. There’s no limit to the number of users you can assign to an employer.

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