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What investment funds can I choose from and how can I change my fund?

Key points:

  • This article lists the investment funds you can choose from
  • It provides a screen by screen guide on how to switch to a different fund
  • It covers what happens when you make a switch
  • To know more on how coronavirus may impact your retirement pot, please see How will my investments with Nest be affected by coronavirus?

What are the fund choices available?

When you join Nest, we invest your money automatically in a Nest Retirement Date Fund. Find out more.

The other fund choices are listed below. 

If you’re close to retirement, the following funds may also be available to you:

How do I switch between funds?

  • The easiest and quickest way to switch your funds is by logging in to your online account.
  • Click ‘Additional fund choices’ in Quick links at the bottom of your dashboard.

  • In the information box, you’ll be able to see the fund your pot is currently invested in.
  • You can click ‘Switch funds’ which takes you to the part of the page where you’ll be able to see a list of the funds available to you to switch to, and details of the fund you’re currently in.

  • You can select any fund from the list that you wish to switch to and click ‘Switch to this fund’.
  • You can also read more information about each fund on this page.

  • Once you’ve clicked ‘Switch to this fund’, follow the on screen instructions to complete your request.

What happens when you make a switch?

  • It may take up to five working days for the changes to show in your account. Once you’ve switched, your full pot value and any future contributions will be invested in your new fund choice.
  • Switching between funds is free, and you can switch to a different fund in the future if you wish.

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