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What investment funds can I choose from and how can I change my fund?

At NEST, we try to keep things simple. When you join our pension scheme, your contributions are invested in our NEST Retirement Date Fund automatically. 

We invest your money based on when you'll reach State Pension Age. We have a NEST Retirement Date Fund for each year, for example if you reach State Pension Age in 2055, we'll invest your retirement pot in the NEST 2055 Retirement Fund.

The NEST Retirement Date Fund makes investments in three phases, with clear objectives for each one based on how far a member is from their NEST retirement date. For more information about these three phases of saving please read our information on the NEST Retirement Date Funds.

We believe that the NEST Retirement Date Fund is likely to be the most suitable for most of our members.

We know you may have preferences about where your money goes or how it’s looked after. Our other fund choices are listed below. Please click on each fund to know more about them.

To change your choice of fund, you can log into your account and click either ‘My Retirement Pot’ at the top of the page or ‘Retirement Pot’ in the main options area. 

Then click ‘Fund choices’.

In the information box, you’ll be able to see the fund your pot is currently invested in. If you haven’t changed the choice of your retirement fund since joining, your pot will stay in the NEST Retirement Date Fund.

You can choose which NEST Fund you’d like your retirement pot to be invested in by clicking ‘Switch funds’. This will take you to the part of the page where you’ll be able to view the different funds that you can switch to. You can also read more information about the funds on this page.

Once you’ve chosen the new NEST Fund you can click ‘Switch to this fund’ at the bottom of the page. It takes up to three to five working days for the changes to show in your account.

Switching between funds is free and you can do it as many times as you’d like to.
There are two investment options within the NEST Higher Risk Fund, depending on how long you have left until your NEST retirement date:

Reduce risk as you approach retirement:

This option reduces your risk as you approach retirement by automatically moving your pot to the appropriate NEST Retirement Date Fund when you're ten years from your NEST retirement date.

If you're close to being ten years from your retirement date, you may not see this option. That's because you'll only have brief or no exposure to the higher risk investment strategy at that point before your money is automatically moved to the NEST Retirement Date Fund.

Continue with higher risk until retirement:

This option keeps your NEST pot in higher risk investments right up until your NEST retirement date.

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