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How do I re-enrol a worker who has left employment?

If you’ve told us by mistake that the worker has left your employment, you’ll need to enrol them into NEST again. You’ll need to use the enrolment type Other so they don’t get another opt-out period. If you need to re-enrol the worker because they’ve started working for you again, you’ll need to assess them to find out which enrolment type to use. Please see What are the different enrolment types? for more information. You’ll need to re-enrol the worker in the same way you’d enrol a new worker and make sure the details are accurate and up to date.

You should use the same personal details as you did for their first enrolment if applicable. If the personal details are the same, we’ll re-enrol the worker under the same NEST account they already hold. This makes it easier to manage the worker’s details and we can keep all of their contributions in one place.

It’s possible the worker’s personal details may have changed since the last enrolment. For example, the worker’s surname may have changed or they may have moved to a new home address. If their details have changed we’ll contact the worker to let them know that we possibly have another account for them.

You’ll be asked to enter the start date while re-enrolling workers into NEST. The start date is the date that the worker became eligible to receive contributions. If the worker was correctly marked as a leaver and joined the organisation again, you’ll need to use the date they became eligible as their start date. For more information about start dates please see What is the start date and enrolment date?

If the worker was marked as a leaver by mistake, their new start date will be the day following the date the contributions stopped.

You can find this information by clicking ‘Manage workers’ from your online NEST home page.

Click ‘View Inactive workers’ to see the Date contributions stopped.

There are three ways you can re-enrol workers:

The worker may not appear on your contribution schedules straight away. For more information please see When can I start making contributions for a leaver that I’ve enrolled back into NEST?

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