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How do I manage a NEST scheme on behalf of an employer?

NEST Connect is our online portal for delegated access that allows delegate organisations to connect with employers and manage multiple clients at the same time.

You can start managing NEST for an employer as soon as you’re added as a delegate organisation.

On the home page of your NEST Connect account, you’ll see a list of employer accounts that have been delegated to you.

You can search the account you want to manage by using the employer’s name or their NEST ID. You can enter one or more characters including space in the search boxes.

You’ll be able to manage the below activities depending on the access level provided to you:

  • Managing employer’s NEST account
  • Enrolling workers into NEST
  • Paying contributions
  • Managing employer complaints.

You must enrol workers within six weeks from the staging date or duty start date given to the employer. For more information on enrolling workers and managing worker details, please see Manage workers.

After the workers are enrolled into NEST, a contribution schedule will be generated based on the workers who share the same payment source, payment frequency, due date and pay period.

To manage contributions on behalf of the employers, you’ll need to send us contribution details for each pay period every time a schedule is due. Please see Manage contributions for more information on submitting and paying contributions to NEST.

You can visit our employer help centre if you need information on other activities to help you manage the employer account.

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