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How do workers opt out of NEST?

Workers can easily opt out of NEST by using our website or by calling our telephone line and following the automated instructions. We’ll let you know when your workers opt out using either of these methods and we’ll also remove them from your contribution schedules. You’ll still be able to view their details in your online account by going to the Manage workers area and clicking ‘View inactive workers’.

Workers can also request a paper form from us that they’ll need to complete and send to you. You’ll need to take action if you receive such a form. Please see What do I need to do with opt-out forms? for more information.

During any workers opt-out period we won’t invest any contributions you send to us. If a worker decides to opt out, we’ll refund the full contribution amount. We’ll send the worker a written confirmation when they’ve successfully opted out of NEST.

Opting out online

Workers can opt out online without logging into their online NEST account. They’ll need to verify their identity by providing necessary details as instructed on the website. Workers who have logged into their online NEST account can opt out by logging in and using the details they’ve already provided.

In either case, the opt-out page will only be available during the workers opt-out period. For more information for your worker to opt out please see How do I opt out? in our member help centre.

Opting out by telephone

Our automated telephone service allows workers to opt out by choosing from a series of menu options. They’ll need to verify their identity by entering their details as instructed by the automated telephone service. They’ll need to call us on 0300 020 0090 to opt out.

Opting out by paper form

We encourage workers to use the automated opt-out methods but they can also call us or email through their online NEST account to request a paper opt-out form. The form contains statutory information and includes a unique reference number which you’ll need in order to process their request. The unique reference number also prevents a worker requesting the form and passing copies to their colleagues.

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