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How can I see the contribution schedules I’ve paid?

To view your paid schedules, click ‘Manage contributions’ from your Nest home page. For schedules older than two years, please see How do I download an archived schedule?

Click ‘Paid schedules’.

You can filter by payment source, frequency and the due from and to dates. Click the arrow under View/Correct for the schedule you want to see. You can download the information in an excel file by clicking ‘Download results’.

You can also see the payment details if you click ‘Payment History’.

If you’ve clicked ‘Submit schedule’ on different days for certain members, the ‘Payment history’ section will have a record of this.

You’ll also be able to see the following details in the ‘Payment history’ section.

  • Date raised will show you when ‘Submit schedule’ was clicked to submit your contribution schedule
  • Date payment received will tell you when the payment cleared in our bank
  • Amount will show you how much we received each time
  • Status will show you if we’re expecting the payment or if we’ve received the payment.

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