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How do I manage my three year re-enrolment duties?

Every three years, you’ll need to re-enrol workers who are eligible for automatic enrolment but aren’t in a qualifying scheme.

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) sometimes refers to this as ‘automatic re-enrolment’ or ‘cyclical re-enrolment’. It’s also known as ‘three year re-enrolment’.

This includes workers who’ve previously:

  • stopped making contributions or
  • opted out, without having opted back into the scheme.

The exceptions to three year re-enrolment duties are:

You don’t have to include any workers who’ve done either of the above mentioned things within 12 months prior to your re-enrolment date. You may wish to include them if you want to.

There’s no legal requirement to re-enrol workers who:

  • have given in their notice to end their employment with you
  • have been given notice of dismissal by you or
  • you know they have protection from the lifetime allowance.

You can use the ‘View inactive workers’ section in the ‘Manage workers’ area of your Nest online account to help you check which workers will be eligible to be re-enrolled. If you’re using another scheme alongside Nest to meet your auto enrolment duties, you’ll also need to check if any workers have stopped contributions or opted out of that scheme.

At Nest the process of re-enrolment is the same as it is for auto enrolling your workers. So once you’ve done your assessment for re-enrolment and identified any eligible jobholders, all you need to do is follow the same steps you normally take when you enrol someone into Nest for the first time. Please see How can I enrol my workers? for more information.

An eligible jobholder is a worker who is aged at least 22 and under State Pension age and is earning more than £10,000 for the 2021/22 tax year.

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