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How do I accept NEST's terms and conditions?

There are certain terms of use and conditions that need to be followed when using the NEST scheme. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you’re entering into a contract with NEST.

The terms and conditions need to be accepted by the primary contact from the employer organisation. For more information please see Why would I need to add or change a primary contact? If a third party is setting up the account on the employers behalf, they’ll need to add the primary contact to accept the terms and conditions by clicking ‘Not yet’ in step one of the set-up process.

If you’re the primary contact, you’ll need to read through these terms and conditions before completing the set-up process.

Once you’ve read and understood our terms and conditions, you’ll need to agree to them by putting a tick in the box next to I agree to be bound by the Employer Admission Agreement and the Employer Terms and Conditions and then click ‘Accept the terms’.

You can complete the other tasks in the set-up process by selecting Not yet.

After you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions you’ll be able to view them again at any point by logging into your NEST online account. You can find them by clicking ‘Organisation details’ on your NEST home page and then selecting Employer terms and conditions.

You’ll find links to download or email the terms and conditions on the right-hand side of the page.

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