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01 April 2014

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NEST members are 'one in a million'

NEST today confirmed that the scheme now has over one million members

NEST today confirmed that the scheme now has over 1 million members, with a celebration photograph to highlight that all its members are ‘one in a million’.

Tim Jones, chief executive, NEST, said: ‘With over 3 million workers having been automatically enrolled, workplace pensions are becoming the norm and that’s fantastic news for savers. Having grown from a few hundred members to 1 million in under 2 years, NEST is proud to play our part in ensuring automatic enrolment is a success. Reaching this milestone is an important moment for us, but there’s a lot more to do to make sure the millions due to be enrolled get a helping hand to save for their future.’

Pensions Minister Steve Webb said: ‘Automatic enrolment is a stunning success and more than 3 million people are now saving in a pension for the first time or saving more, reversing decades of decline and creating a new generation of savers.

‘This is a landmark achievement and I would like to congratulate Tim Jones and his staff for enrolling their millionth member into workplace pension saving. NEST has a pivotal role in helping millions save for a more prosperous retirement.’

Nigel Sanders, Financial Director, Fluidata, whose members took part in the ‘One in a million’ photo, said: ‘Congratulations to NEST on reaching 1 million members. Fluidata are happy to support staff invest in their futures and with NEST we can. I believe it should be every company’s responsibility to help staff secure their futures. NEST and Fluidata together give employees an immediate return on their investment with a company 6 per cent contribution because staff should not just have to rely on the state pension in 30 or 40 years’ time – at whatever level that may be. By being a part of today’s NEST’s 1 million member celebration, we can demonstrate our commitment to our employees and their futures.’

Neil Bayne, Human Resources Director at Travelodge, whose members took part in the ‘One in a million’ photo said: ‘We have received a very positive response to auto enrolment from our employees since introducing the scheme in August 2013. It's a very simple process that provides great long-term benefits for our employees, and we are delighted to be one of the UK's first companies to have supported the initiative.’

One million NEST members …

  • Could fill over 11,000 London buses
  • Is almost as big as the entire population of Birmingham
  • Could fill the Royal Albert Hall more than 250 times
  • Exceeds the number of babies born in the UK in a year
  • Could fill Wembley Stadium more than 10 times
  • Would more than fill every premier league stadium in the UK
  • Holding hands, our one million members would stretch the length from John O’Groats to Land’s End and almost back again
  • If you spent a day with each one of NEST’s million members it would take you over 2,739 years to meet them all 

Download our One in a million poster (PDF)