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Helpful resources

We have guides and tools to help you manage your NEST account. These include:

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Starting to save younger – how you could benefit
Joining a workplace pension when you’re older - what you need to know
pdf fileContributions0.06 MBview document Adding a pension credit to your NEST retirement pot
pdf fileMy details and preferences0.83 MBview document Investing with NEST
pdf fileMy details and preferences1.07 MBview document Looking after member’s money
pdf fileOpting out0.52 MBview document Member welcome pack (right to opt out)
pdf fileGeneric0.18 MBview document NEST Help - Clearing Cache
pdf fileGeneric1.60 MBview document Quick guide to NEST
pdf fileMy details and preferences0.07 MBview document Buying a retirement income with your NEST pot
pdf fileMy retirement pot1.07 MBview document Taking your money out of NEST
pdf fileGeneric0.55 MBview document The NEST Phrasebook
pdf fileMy Retirement pot0.07 MBview document Transfer your retirement pot
csv fileContributionsview tool Pension calculator