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Member case studies

Our members come from all walks of life but we help them with the one common goal of providing for their retirement. The savings ambitions people have are varied but we’ve found through talking with NEST members that one key aspect of retirement planning is the same. That is to make sure they’ve got enough funds to continue enjoying life once they’ve finished working. This could be for anything from travel to learning a new language.

We asked some of our members to discuss their NEST experience and plans for retirement. See what some of them have to say.

Case study: Adrian Towers, General Manager, Guiseley Football Club

"It's really just having choices, choices around what we'll do today, choices about where we go today."

Watch the video or read the case study

Case study: Terry Rogers, Area Manager, Little Acorns and Stepping Stones Ltd

"My idea of a good retirement is to be comfortable. I think that's vital so I can enjoy the time I've got with my family."

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Case study: Perry Goodwin, Vetinary Care Assistant, Spring Lodge Veterinary Hospital

"A good retirement, for me, would be being comfortable in my own home, eating good food and being around the people I love - maybe a holiday every now and again."

Watch the video or read the case study

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