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What happens when I make corrections to a paid schedule?

When we first receive payment for a worker their status in a schedule will show as ‘Payment received by NEST’. Once you’ve corrected the worker’s contributions and saved the changes the status will show as ‘Member corrected’. When you’ve submitted the schedule for payment, the member will show as ‘Payment expected’ if the amount due has increased.

You can filter the ‘All statuses’ drop-down menu above the schedule to check which workers you’ve adjusted contributions for. For more information about worker statuses please see What does each member status in a contribution schedule mean?

If you’ve made a contribution correction because of:

Over payment:

If you’ve corrected the schedule and the amount is less than the original payment, you’ll be entitled to a refund.

When you make contributions for your workers we invest the money in various funds. The price of these investments may have gone up or down since the contributions were invested. Because the value of the funds changes, you may get back less than you paid when you ask us for a refund.

You’ll receive a full refund for any non invested money.

If a worker is in their opt-out period their contributions aren’t invested. This means you’ll get back your full contribution if a refund is due. For more information please see How will I receive refunds for members who’ve opted out?

You can also look in the ‘Payment history’ section to view any refunds you’re expecting.

Under payment:

If you’ve submitted the schedule again for payment and the amount is now more than the original payment you’ll need to make a further payment.

You’ll also see the new amount due at the top of the schedule in the summary box. We’ll expect a payment to be made within 14 working days of re-submitting the schedule if you’re paying by debit card.

Please note that paying by debit card will make the contribution schedule move back into the unpaid section until the new payment has processed.

If you pay by Direct Debit this will be taken automatically once you’ve clicked ‘Make payment’.

If your corrections include increases and decreases to the original amounts, we’ll recalculate the new total amount for the schedule. At this point the worker’s status will show as ‘Submitted correction in progress’.

Any disinvestments will be considered first and adjusted against any increased contributions. This may take 2 to 3 working days for us to calculate the refund amount.

Once we’ve finished processing your schedule, you’ll receive a notification to your NEST mailbox about any refund due or any amount due for contribution schedule.

If you’re due a refund, all corrected worker records will show as ‘Payment received by NEST’. If there’s an increase in the total revised amount of contributions, the worker’s status will be shown as ‘Payment expected’.

If you’re using Direct Debit, you’ll need to click ‘Make payment’ again. If you’re using debit card you can make the extra payment again through your bank.

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