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What to do after someone dies

Dealing with bereavement can be incredibly hard. That's why dealing with a Nest pension in these circumstances should be as easy as possible.

What happens after a member has died?

Whether you're the next of kin, beneficiary or legal representative, we want to make sure you know what to do when a Nest member dies with our simple four step guide. You can also find more information in our member help centre.

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Nest pensions and bereavement

Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you. There are four steps to follow if you are managing the Nest pension of someone who has passed away.

Handling the death of an employee

If you're an employer and a member of your organisation has passed away, please read our employer help centre article.

Last updated: 10/20

Member help centre - Two people talking

Member help centre

Our member help centre offers you more information to help answer question you may have about your Nest account.

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Employer help centre - Two people talking

Employer help centre

We offer a wealth of guidance on setting up and using Nest at our employer help centre.

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