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We’re here to support you through COVID-19

People across the UK face uncertainty as the coronavirus situation continues to develop. We’re taking every possible step to make sure all your Nest services are available in these challenging times.



How will my investments with Nest be affected by coronavirus?

Support for Nest Connectors


Support for employers and your workers

Following guidance from the government, we’ve closed our head office to do our part in containing the spread of COVID-19 and to help protect the health of our colleagues and their families.

How we’re continuing to deliver our service to you

Our staff are set up to work remotely from home, so all our services are currently fully functional. Critical services, such as our contact centre and IT service already operate on a dual location basis. That means you’ll still receive service even if one site is forced to close. We’re working to keep everything running as we transition staff on these sites to working from home. 

We’ve also set up a dedicated team who are keeping track of the latest developments. and meeting daily to consider our ongoing approach to the situation. The team review government advice and emerging information and are taking steps to keep staff safe and to support all our customers, whatever their needs. With the topic continuing to dominate daily news and impact global markets, people might be wondering what this means for their Nest pensions. We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure our members and employers. 

What’s the impact of the pandemic on Nest pensions?

Over 90% of our members are saving into our flagship Nest Retirement Date Funds. They’re well diversified, which means that their investments are spread across many different markets, industries and countries. This helps smooth out some of the sharper ups and downs we’re seeing in the stock markets. 

Our investment strategy focuses on the long term given that our members will save with us for up to fifty years before they take their pension pots. That means most members are young enough to ride out this shorter-term impact on the stock market, and we still have many years to try to build up their savings. Members in a Nest Retirement Date Fund who are approaching retirement will have already had most of their money automatically moved into safer, less risky assets to protect against this very type of situation. 

We’d like to reassure you that protecting and growing our members’ savings is our highest priority. We’re confident that our approach is suitable for these unusual times, and also for the many years we will be safeguarding their money.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on how we’re handling the impact of coronavirus, you’ll find everything you need to know on our website. If you do need to get in touch with an urgent request, please bear with us while our contact centres are under strain right now.

How will my investments with Nest be affected by coronavirus?


Last updated: 24/03/20