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Thought leadership

We regularly conduct research and seek insights from outside of Nest. By sharing the results we hope to increase understanding of auto enrolment and the needs of our members and employers.

Nest insight

Prior to the launch of the Nest Insight unit, we released three research reports which explore the auto enrolment landscape and the experiences of consumers, employers and intermediaries.

See Nest insight 2015 (PDF)
See Nest insight 2014 (PDF)
See Nest insight 2013 (PDF)

Our Nest Insight unit is continuing this work, building upon our well-established research programme and our access to a unique body of data.

How Nest communicates: ditching the pensions jargon

Clear communication is at the heart of everything Nest does.

We published The Nest phrasebook which sets out the words Nest uses to talk about pensions, avoiding the use of jargon. We developed our approach following research with consumers and employers, to help promote clearer language around pensions. The phrasebook also includes Nest’s golden rules for communication with a new generation of pension savers.

Last updated 07/19