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Growing your money with responsible investment

We want to give you a better retirement. We do this by taking your pension pot and investing it in a range of markets. Our aim is to grow your money to meet your needs in later life.

In order to achieve this, we practice responsible investment. That means we’ll consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors of any market before we invest. That includes whether a business is a heavy polluter or if certain sectors use child labour. 

Not only because responsible investment is better for the world and communities we live in. It’s more likely to create long-term, profitable growth for your pension pot. 

Get the full picture by watching our short video.

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Building new norms. Our 2018 responsible investment summary

Our 2018 summary 

We’ve invested in more markets and developed new policies over the last year. 

Find out how we’re using responsible investment to grow your pot sustainably.

Download the report

See how far we’ve come 

Nest has practiced responsible investment right from the start. 47 per cent of you have told us that’s important to you.

See how we’ve evolved our approach to protect your retirement pot.

Last updated 01/20

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