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Feel-good auto enrolment

Looking for a workplace pension?

If you own a business that has one or more workers, you’ll need to make sure that you put a workplace pension scheme in place to meet the new auto enrolment rules.

If you’re looking for a simple way to do the right thing, Nest is the answer.

  • Free and straightforward to set up and use
  • Set up by government to help you meet the regulations
  • Over 500,000 businesses have signed up to Nest

Built especially for auto enrolment, it’s easy to set up Nest online and get on with running your business.

Get started

Once you’re ready, it’s easy to set up your Nest account online. You’ll just need to tell us about your organisation and choose your login details.


Why Nest suits your business

Nest was set up by the government to make sure that every business could meet the new pension duties, whatever their size. Over 430,000 employers from all sectors are already using Nest as their auto enrolment scheme. They range from small businesses with a handful of staff to large employers with thousands of staff across the UK.

Online and ready when you are

It’s quick and straightforward to manage Nest online, whenever it suits you. Our smart functionality makes staying ahead of your pension scheme admin as easy as possible.

  • Send information to Nest from your own payroll account or through our simple processes
  • Simplify technical tasks with tools like our electronic member opt-outs
  • Tell your workers what they need to know at the right time with our communication templates
  • Use our online guidance and web chat support to get instant help with any part of running Nest

Many employers tell us that it only takes them a matter of minutes to manage Nest whenever they run their payroll. If you’d prefer to get help, we’ve made it easy for you to hand over the running of Nest to your accountant, payroll provider or adviser.

How others find Nest

We’ve spoken to some of the businesses that use Nest to find out why they chose us and what they think about using the scheme.






Last updated: 01/20

Set up Nest

If you’re happy that you’ve got everything you need, you’re ready set up your Nest scheme online for free.

Why choose Nest?

There are lots of reasons why Nest is a great auto enrolment choice for your small business. Take a look at some of them.