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Joining during Covid-19

Some of our recent new joiners share their experience of being hired remotely and starting new jobs at Nest during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo of Michael

Michael King, Web Content Executive

"I couldn’t go into the office due to the lockdown and was interviewed via video for the first time in my career. Once the interviewers got into the flow of asking questions, I started to feel more relaxed, as if it was a face-to-face interview

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Photo of Beverley

Beverley Lindo, Presentations Operator

"Due to the lockdown, I couldn’t go into the office so I had a video interview for the first time in my career. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was talked through the process and had a practice meeting with the People & Development team. This made me feel comfortable and helped me complete my interview

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Photo of David

David Assender, Web Content Executive

"It was quite surreal. I still had the usual new-starter nerves but without the adrenaline rush you get from the first-day commute and meeting everyone face to face. The People & Development team did a great job with their virtual welcome presentation, and I remember thinking how efficiently everything went

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Photo of Keena

Keena Schoening, Lead Digital Designer

"When I started at Nest, I’d already worked remotely for six months so I was quite used to working with colleagues online. While it was strange to start a new job that way, everyone was so welcoming and booked video calls so that we could get to know each other

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We’ve kept our recruitment process straightforward during the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s conducted entirely online to minimise the risks to our candidates.

Our flexible working culture meant that we already had systems in place to support home working, so everyone starting remotely at Nest is well supported too.

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