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Who is using NEST?

Tens of thousands of employers and more than two million members have already trusted NEST with their pension scheme and contributions. That’s organisations and people just like you.

We’ve created NEST to be the right fit for all sorts of organisations. Whether you employ 10 people or 10,000, you’ll find that NEST’s straightforward systems make auto enrolment easier. It’s a great choice for members too. Employers using NEST are finding that their workers appreciate how easy it is to start saving for retirement and grow their money with NEST.

Case study: Leigh Skillett, Director, Status Heating

“The NEST scheme integrates fully with our payroll software. It’s just a question of us downloading a file from the payroll system each week and uploading it into the NEST website. It’s as simple as that.”

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Case study: Angela Clay, Managing Director, HR4UK

"Our biggest concern for auto enrolment was making sure that we got it right and that we found an easy solution."

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NEST Connectors

NEST Connect is our online hub for professionals helping employers with auto enrolment. It’s being used right now by financial advisers, accountants and payroll providers to help their employer clients meet their new pension duties. If you’re already helping employers administer their business, then you’re in a perfect position to join them.

Here’s how some professionals are already making the most of NEST Connect to increase their business opportunities.

Image of Bernard Rusk, a NEST Connector

Case study: Bernard Rust, Operations Manager, Financial Planning at PK Group

"Auto enrolment is an exciting business opportunity for our company."

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Image of Janet Bower, a NEST Connector

Case study: Janet Bower, Administration Director at RCL Consultancy

"NEST Connect gives us the control we need to run our clients' accounts at the same time."

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See how other professionals are using NEST Connect

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