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NEST Pre-retirement Fund

NEST Pre-retirement Fund is for members who start saving with NEST within a few years of the year they’re expected to retire.

What the fund tries to achieve

This fund is a way of saving for members close to retirement who expect to buy an annuity.

What the fund invests in

NEST Pre-retirement Fund currently invests in a mix of gilts, corporate bonds and money market investments.

How the fund tries to grow members’ money

The NEST Pre-retirement Fund assumes a member will be taking their retirement pot out in the near future, so is invested in assets that offer a small return but are easy to sell.

Changing funds

To choose one of the fund choices instead of the NEST Retirement Date Funds, members need to log into their online account and go to ‘Retirement pot’.

See where this fund is invested

To find out where this fund is invested and how it’s performing, read the latest Quarterly investment report.