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How can I make payments to you after telling you about becoming insolvent?

If you’ve notified us of terminal insolvency, you won’t be able to pay any outstanding contributions using contribution schedules. You’ll need to use an exception schedule only once your organisation is insolvent. For more information on using an exception schedule, please see How will the remaining contributions be calculated once I have notified NEST of insolvency?

You’ll need to choose a reason for creating the exception schedule. The reasons available for insolvent employers are different to the normal reasons for creating an exception schedule.

Based on the value of your organisation’s assets as well as other valid criteria the Insolvency Practitioner or Official Receiver decides if they’ll pay the whole or partial outstanding amount. This will be decided between the insolvency practitioner and NEST.

The exception schedule will need to be created to pay the agreed amount. This amount may or may not be equal to the full outstanding contributions. IP or OR will have to select one of the reason codes available as shown below.

If the whole amount is to be paid then Insolvency Practitioner will need to create an exception schedule and include the relevant reason code.

The contributions for Auto Enrolled and Non-Auto Enrolled members will need to be included in different exception schedules. This is also the case for contributions for current and previous tax years.

If only a partial amount is to be paid the insolvency practitioner or official receiver will need to agree what amounts will be claimed from the National Insurance Fund (NIF). This will need to be confirmed with the NIF. Once the claim is made, the IP or OR need to complete, sign and send us the RP15 claim form. We’ll obtain other required details from NIF. 

The Insolvency Practitioner or an Official Receiver will need to login to their NEST online account and add a new payment source. For more information please see How do I add a new payment source once I’ve set up with NEST?

You’ll need to pay the exception schedules within 14 days after submitting them for payment. For more information on avoiding late payments, please see When will I need to make payment for my exception schedule?

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