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This Alternative Identifier has been used for another active worker in your account. Please check the Alternative Identifier you’re using for this new enrolment. Alternatively, to find and correct the existing worker’s details go to ‘Manage workers’ and search for this Alt ID.

An Alternative Identifier is a unique reference that the employer gives to each of their workers to help identify them on our system. You’ve received this error message because the Alternative Identifier you’ve provided has already been used for another worker.

You’ll need to check if:

1. The Alternative Identifier is already allocated to an active worker.

If the Alternative Identifier already belongs to an active worker on your Nest account you’ll need to correct it in your file before enrolling the worker. You can view the error message for the worker and correct it from Manage workers area of your Nest account. For more information on how to do this please see How do I correct errors in the CSV enrolment file?

2. Incorrect Alternative Identifier is allocated to an active worker.

If an incorrect Alternative Identifier has accidentally been allocated to an active worker on your Nest account, you can correct it from the ‘Manage workers’ tab. You can search the active worker with the Alternative Identifier to make the correction. Please see How do I edit a worker’s personal details? for more information. You can then enrol the new worker once the correct Alternative Identifier has been updated for the active worker.

3. The Alternative Identifier is used for another worker in the same enrolment file.

If the Alternative Identifier is being used for another worker in the same enrolment file you’ll need to correct it before enrolling the worker. Once the Alternative Identifier is updated and doesn’t match with any other workers in your file, you can enrol the worker.