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We can't find a record of this member. Please check to see if they were enrolled and if they're still an active member. We can't cancel their enrolment if the member wasn't enrolled, has cancelled their enrolment or opted out.

There are a number of reasons why you may have got this error.

  • This member may be an active member but you’ve entered their data incorrectly, please check the details you’ve entered for them.
  • This member may have never been enrolled into NEST under this employment. If you have multiple schemes under NEST please check you are logged into the right employer account.

The member might have opted out of NEST. They can do this directly with us so may not have notified you, however NEST will have sent a communication to your mailbox confirming all workers who have opted out. You can also check this by going to ‘Manage Workers’ from your NEST home page and viewing inactive workers.