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The file you uploaded contains one or more errors. Please make sure the file is for member enrolment/de-enrolment only and that each row starts with one of three letters: H for Header (this has to be the first row) D for Detail records T for Trailer (this has to be the last row). If you haven’t already, you might find it easier to download one of our file templates. You can find more information about file templates in our Employer payroll guide.

You need to submit a valid file for our system. Please use one of our NEST templates or for more information on file formats refer to our Employer payroll guide.

You can also read our topic Fixing enrolment errors by file upload for more information.

You’ve entered the National Insurance (NI) number for one or more of your workers in an incorrect format. NI numbers are alpha numeric and shouldn’t include any special characters or spaces.

An example of how it should be formatted is: AA123456B.

Please refer to our Employer payroll guide (PDF) for more information on valid NI formats.