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Enrolling workers manually using the NEST website – video transcript

In this demo, you’ll learn how to enrol your workers manually onscreen through your online account.

If you haven’t already done so, we suggest you watch our video Introduction to enrolling workers.

Before you enrol a worker, make sure you’ve sent them the statutory communications to let them know what’s happening. We’ll ask you to confirm you’ve done this as part of the process.

To get started, click on the ‘Workers’ option in the menu on the top of the screen.

You can also choose ‘Manage workers’ from your NEST homepage, but using the menu at the top is a quick way for you to jump between diff erent tasks, so we’ll take that route. This will take you to Your workers page.

Select ‘Enrol workers online’.

Click ‘Enrol a worker in NEST’.

You need to fill in the details for the worker you’re enrolling. There are three steps to complete. You must fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk.

You’ll need to enter a National Insurance number. We use this to claim tax relief on behalf of any worker who is a UK resident. If you don’t provide a National Insurance number for a UK resident worker, then we won’t be able to collect tax relief on their behalf. It’s also a useful way for us to identify a member.

If you don’t have a National Insurance number for the worker, you’ll need to tell us why and give us an alternative identifier. We’ll use the alternative identifier in place of a National Insurance number for identification purposes. We can also claim tax relief for foreign workers who are waiting to be sent a National Insurance number. You can find out more information about this in the Employer help centre on our website in the topic Who is eligible for tax relief

We’ll ask you to confirm that you’ve given the worker all the information about their enrolment that’s required by law before you enrol them into NEST. Tick the box to confirm. Click ‘Next step’ to move on to step 2.

In step 2 fill in the worker’s contact details. Add the postcode and click on ‘Find address’. If the right address is displayed, then select it and click ‘Confirm address’. If the system can’t find the right address, click on ‘Enter address manually’ and type it in yourself.

Make sure you provide an email address for the worker if you can. Giving us an email address will mean we can send the member all the information they need from NEST electronically, rather than printing and posting letters. This helps us minimise our costs and keep our charges low. You can give us a work email and a home email for the worker, if you have them. We’ll generally use their work email for our NEST communications unless the worker tells us otherwise through their own NEST online account. Click ‘Next step’.

Choose the ‘Worker group’, ‘Payment source’ and ‘Enrolment type’ from the dropdown menus. The main enrolment types are ‘automatically enrolled’ and ‘opt in’ for people who ask to join the scheme. You can find more details about enrolment types in the How to enrol workers  section of our online help centre.

You have to tell us the date their membership began. This is the date they first became eligible to be a member of NEST. It’s important you provide the correct date – it might be different from the date you’re enrolling them, so take care. It could be your staging date, for example, or the date the worker turned 22 if they’re being automatically enrolled. You should the information in our help centre on start dates if you’re not sure what to put here.

When you’ve completed all the steps, you can click ‘Enrol this worker now’.

You’ll get a chance to check the information you’ve entered. Scroll down, double checking it’s correct as you go. If you spot anything wrong, you can click ‘Back’ to edit the worker’s details. If everything’s ok, then click ‘Enrol this worker now’.

You’ll be able to change some of the information after the worker’s been enrolled, so if you spot any errors, you may be able to change them later on. See our help centre topic Information you can change after enrolment  to find out more.

You’ll then see a confirmation that the worker’s been enrolled. It could take up to 15 minutes before the member record is available to be included in a contribution schedule.

Click ‘Done’ to complete the process and return to your NEST homepage.

You can also use the top navigation menu to jump directly to your next task.

Thanks for watching. You’ll find more useful guides and resources in the help centre on our website.