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Thought leadership

We regularly conduct research and seek insights from outside of NEST. By sharing the results we hope to increase understanding of auto enrolment and the needs of our members and employers.

NEST insight

Prior to the launch of the NEST Insight unit, we released three research reports which explore the auto enrolment landscape and the experiences of consumers, employers and intermediaries. 

See NEST insight 2015 (PDF)

See NEST insight 2014 (PDF)

See NEST insight 2013 (PDF)

Our NEST Insight unit is continuing this work, building upon our well-established research programme and our access to a unique body of data. Visit the NEST Insight unit to find out more.

NEST’s Golden Rules of communication: Talking about pensions with a new generation of savers

In May 2013 we held our Golden Rules of communication event giving us the opportunity to share our research on how to talk to new savers about pensions.

We invited guests from across the pensions world to hear about our findings and tell us what they think. As well as presentations on what we've learned about this new audience, there was a panel discussion chaired by Jeff Prestridge of the Mail on Sunday, with experts from across the industry.

We were able to talk about what we've learned and take on board some valuable insights from the guests. The Golden Rules will be a developing set of guidelines, so we're interested to hear what you think of them.

If you've got anything you'd like to tell us about the Golden Rules, we'd like to hear from you. You can contact us at media@nestcorporation.org.uk.

Download NEST's Golden Rules of communication (PDF)

The forum brought together international academics, key industry figures, consumer groups and members of the press to discuss a key issue facing employers and advisers.

This years’ forum looked at the following question:

'How can DC pension providers encourage and enable those approaching retirement to make the best possible decisions on taking their money out of their retirement pots?'

During the forum we explored the issues that new savers brought into auto enrolment will face when they retire.

The aim was to create a better understanding of what this new group of savers will need to think about when they convert their retirement pots into a retirement income, cash sum or transfer.

We explored the emotional and behavioural issues they’ll face and how far engaging early with these savers can encourage better decision making.

Speakers at NEST's 2013 Forum included:

Please note these slides have been produced by external speakers and represent their views, not necessarily those of NEST Corporation. Their inclusion doesn’t constitute an endorsement.

Read NEST's research into retirement decisions (PDF)

View the presentation on NEST's research into retirement decisions (PPT)

You can read the essays that the visiting academics contributed to the forum:

Customer engagement in the annuity market in 2013, Association of British Insurers (PDF)s

Disengagement: a partial solution to the annuity puzzle, Hazel Bateman, Christine Eckhert, John Geweke, Fedor Iskhakov, Jordan Louviere, Stephen Satchell, Susan Thorp (PDF)

Spend more today safely: using behavioural economics to improve retirement expenditure decisions with SPEEDOMETER plans, David Blake, Tom Boardman (PDF)

Private pension wealth among 55-64 year olds in the UK, Paul Cox (PDF)

Applying life-cycle economics: an income-orientated DC retirement solution that integrates accumulation and payout phases, Robert C. Merton (PDF)

You’re a long time retired: making the most of financial and housing assets at retirement, Dr Patrick Nolan (PDF)