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At NEST, we believe that saving for your retirement should be straightforward, worth your while and fair.

NEST gives everyone a way to get the most from their pension savings without being an expert. All you need to do is keep contributing and we’ll focus on growing your money and keeping it safe.

What happens next?

Saving with NEST is easy. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Your employer will make contributions on your behalf and we’ll make sure your money’s safe and ready for you when you want to take it out. But there are things you can do that will help you make the most of saving with NEST.

Log into your account

As a member of NEST you have an online account. By logging in you can check the value of your retirement pot, see what’s going in from you and your employer and take a bit more control over your savings by paying in more or changing the way your money’s being looked after.

Log into your NEST account

Being enrolled

Every time you’re paid you can put a little bit of money aside into your retirement pot. NEST looks after this money for you.

Your account

As a member of NEST you have an online account that you can access wherever you are, whenever you like. 

Joining NEST

Being a workplace pension scheme, most people join NEST through their employer. But in some cases people can join by themselves.


Deciding what to do with your retirement pot is a big decision and you should think carefully about what’s right for you.

Case studies

Our members come from all walks of life but we help them with the one common goal of providing for their retirement.

Image of member - welcome to NEST

Welcome to NEST

Being a member of NEST means you can save for your retirement every time you’re paid.

Learn about saving

Member help centre

Need any help? Our member help centre has support and resources to help you answer any questions you may have.

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