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Introducing NEST

Further reading

The Library contains downloadable PDFs of NEST publications including facts about the scheme, information on how NEST is run and useful documents for members, employers and advisers.Library

Who is NEST for?

NEST for employers

Any UK employer can use NEST to meet their new workplace pension duties, no matter how large or small their organisation. They can use NEST on its own or alongside a scheme they already have in place.

We provide powerful online tools like preset enrolment types and electronic member opt outs. This makes it easier for employers to fulfil their new duties. An employer can carry out almost all processes through their online account, from enrolling members to making payments.

NEST for savers

NEST is an easy to use online pension scheme that puts savers in control. It’s easy for members of NEST to find out what’s happening with their account. 

We’ve made NEST easy to understand by using plain language and providing straightforward information.

NEST for advisers

NEST is a qualifying pension scheme established by law to support the introduction of automatic enrolment. Advisers can use our wide range of guides, templates and communications resources to help their clients meet their new duties.

Advisers can take on the administration of their clients’ accounts through a simple delegation process. NEST is easy to set up and delegates can carry out all aspects of their clients’ account management online 24/7. Multiple employer accounts can be managed using a single login.

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