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Will I get the full contribution amount back if I’ve paid too much?

You’ll be due for a refund if you’ve corrected member contributions on a contribution schedule and the total is now less than the original payment.

You may need to make a contribution correction if you submit a contribution schedule for payment and after it’s moved to the paid area of your account, you realise that you’ve overpaid or underpaid. You’ll need to submit a schedule for correction just for those members whose contribution amounts are incorrect.

You can make corrections one member at a time on our website, by editing your paid schedules or by submitting a new file containing only the revised entries.

Please see How do I correct a schedule I’ve already paid? for more information. If the member records are locked and you can’t edit them for correction, please see How do I unlock a contribution schedule for correction?

You shouldn’t use an exception schedule to make a contribution correction. For more information on exception schedules, please see What is an exception schedule?

When you make contributions for your members we invest the money in their NEST retirement pots. The price of these investments may have gone up or down since the contributions were invested. As the value of the funds can change, the refund may be less than what you’ve originally paid. If the investment value has gone up, you won’t be given the extra amount.

If the amount refunded is less than expected this could be due to the adjustments for changes in the investment value, you must make up the difference if money is owed to the member.

We’ll send a message titled Refund to your bank account to your secure mailbox when you’re due for a refund. The message will let you know why you’re receiving a refund, the amount due and the details of the members it’s for.

You’ll need to check the details of the message carefully as you may receive refunds for different things. The message may contain a Refund payment details sheet which will show the types of refund you’ll receive.

You’ll find a breakdown of the total refund in a file attached to the message.

Please note, one refund may include members from different groups and for different reasons. You’ll be able to use the files we send to help with reconciliation of your payroll. Refunds normally take around 5-10 working days to be paid into your preferred bank account for refunds.

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