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Opting out

If you’re automatically enrolled in NEST but you don’t want to be a member you can opt out during your opt-out period. This is usually around one month from the date your employer enrols you. We’ll tell you exactly when the opt-out period starts and ends in the letter we send you once you’re enrolled.

If you opt out within this period any money you’ve contributed will be refunded. We’ll refund your money to your employer within 10 working days of notification and your employer will make the refund directly to you. If you miss your opt-out period you'll no longer be able to opt out of NEST.

How to opt out

If you’re planning to opt out, you’ll need to wait for your member welcome pack to arrive. It contains your NEST ID, which you'll need to opt out. You should receive your welcome pack within five working days of being enrolled, if you haven’t received your welcome pack within two weeks, you can ask your employer to get in touch with us. 

You can opt out online, over the phone or by completing a form to give to your employer. Opting out online is the quickest way and it means we’ll immediately stop taking any further contributions into your account.

If your opt-out isn't successful for any reason or you've mssed your opt-out period, please contact us for further information. 

Need to take a break?

You don’t have to opt out to stop paying money into NEST. Instead, you can just take a break. Taking a break means you’ll keep your retirement pot and you can start paying in again at a later date. When you stop paying money into NEST, your employer may also stop contributing and they may not have to restart when you want to.

How do I take a break?

Opt out online now

Opting out means you’ll close your retirement pot and won’t be a member of NEST anymore. 

You’ll need your NEST member ID handy and we’ll ask a few questions to confirm your identity and make sure you want to opt out.

Opt out now